Nor much common people might have got the opportunity of walking the red carpet and seeing a premier show. Now a premier show means that it is the first show of the film in the country.  Mostly the tickets for this show will be promotional meaning it has to be won or given through companies.

We had the opportunity of going to the premier show of “Secret Life of Pets” and we thought to share the experience. The Secret Life of Pets is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated buddy comedy film produced by Illumination Entertainment. It is directed by Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney. Thanks Novo cinemas for providing the ticket.

The movie was premiered at world trade center Novo cinemas- Abu Dhabi. Our son was excited when we told him that’ we are going to see an animated movie’ (he does not prefer action movies). The movie was scheduled to start at 8.30 Pm and we reach half an hour early. Parking is a real pain so we always prefer the underground parking which is pretty nice in WTC with 3 hour free parking and which can also be extended if you are for the movies. All you have to do is to take the parking ticket along with you and produce it to a lady who is with a computer near the booking counter. She will put your ticket through a machine and bingo; you don’t need to worry about parking fees for another extra hour.

We took the lift to 3 rd floor (novo cinemas). Now the Experience of a premier show can be simply compared to a business class experience in a flight. You get to see the same movie but you are seeing it first than any other in the country and you are given much attention. Postures were placed all over the corridor and a red carpet laid down which was first going to a small counter and then to the theater. We went to the counter and mentioned our names; the sweet lady made a quick verification and welcomed us in. It feels good to get a VIP treatment. 

We noticed a photo booth with some funky accessories kept aside. One of the staff soon approached us and asked “Would you like to have free photo shoot “? We being a family who love to try things agreed and followed him. We were allowed to choose from a large variety of funny and fancy goggles and pose for the picture like you would do for a selfie.A print was immediately printed and a copy could also be sent to your preferred email if you typed it in. (have a look at our pic below “)

Further we were directed to the theater. Now there is no seat numbers in a premier show so we have to reach early to get the back seats. We were surprised to see all the back seats taken so we had to adjust a bit close to the screen.

The movie was enjoyable and gave us all good reasons to laugh. Even after the movie the staffs directed us to the red carpet out of the theater. Our son like the dogs in the movie and wanted some pictures taken with the postures. Overall it is a great experience.