Watches are the trend setters and most used accessories in the world. Here in UAE, we have all brands available which includes most expensive ones with diamonds and gold.  We were in shortage of a trendy brand for teenagers and youth and that is now fulfilled by “ICE WATCH” (now open at “Dubai Mall” near to Sharaf DJ store)

ICE WATCH is an International fashion brand which is trendy and colorful. The identity of the band is its color, targeting to a broad group and fashion conscious customers, its timekeeper and trendy accessory. The target customers are kids, teenagers and youth.

The price range is AED 175 to AED 900. There are various collections in the brand like Ice BMW, Ice Style, Ice Forever, Ice Mini, Ice Vintage, Ice Chrono, Ice Glam, Ice Glam Forest, Ice Sunshine etc.

The good part is most of their watches are unisex, so we could interchange it with our better half sometimes if you wish and are allowed :). They also comes as water proof from 6 bar to 8 bar so you don’t have to worry about jumping into the pool with the ‘watch on’ unless you are diving deep sea :). One of the other good things of these watches is that their band material is silicon (they also have leather straps for the BMW series) and it does no harm to your skin as it is a proved material in the dermatology industry. The glass used in these watch are mineral glasses which make it more resistant to scratches and you can confidently put them on the children’s when they play around.

The colors in this brand will suit all your fashion requirements. ‘Ice watch duo’ their latest collection of dual tone watches is best during your workouts and also casual time.

Reading is not enough to understand, so have a look at the video below that we made for review on their shop at “Dubai Mall” and about the watch that we bought.