A vegetable/fruit chopper is one of the handy kitchen tools that you should have in your homes (We just realized this fact after buying one recently) Better late than never ๐Ÿ˜‰

We bought a Black & Decker FC-300 with 2 year warranty. With the help 500WE powerful motor, the chopper will help minimize wastage while preparing dishes and also saves valuable time.

On safety perspective, Choppers are much safer and easier than using knives and protects the user from cutting themselves accidentally.Black and Decker are well known for product quality, durability and ability to carry out their indented tasks reliably.

The model FC300 comes with a dual purpose rubber grip of the jar which also acts as a lid for storing freshly chopped food. The bowl is marked with milliliter and cup measurements for your easy adaptability to try out new recipes from the internet.

When you select a chopper our recommendation is to go for a double blade powerful motor rather than a single blade. This model from ‘Black & Decker’ comes with a stainless steel double blade for faster chopping and even results. We givesย thumbs up for the product.

Have a look at the video below for more details on the product and to see the output of our first chop. It got ready within seconds.