The difference in skin is unbelievable after using this product. A soft and glowing skin is guaranteed with the use of Palmers-Cocoa Butter Formula -Skin therapy oil.

We initially bought skin therapy oil to try on scars after pregnancy which started to fade significantly after just 2 weeks of use and finally faded off but now I repurchase it to continuous for face and body. The cocoa butter formula skin therapy oil is packed in plastic container with a pump dispenser which is a comfortable way of getting the right amount of oil out as you would prefer.

Canola oil along with sesame seed oil, Cocoa butter and rosehip extract helps to change dry, flaky skin to softer and smoother skin. The Formula also contains fragrance ingredients that give a good fresh smell that radiates from your skin. The Oil contains Vitamin E which is both a nutrient and antioxidant. Vitamin E is highly beneficial ingredient for the skin that protects and repairs your skin.

Summarizing, this fast absorbing  free skin therapy oil is an all in one skin care solution, ideal for daily moisturization of body including face and to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry and damaged skin and uneven skin tone.

We totally recommend this product for your skin Try it for your self.