Having a Car/Vehicle is one of the bare necessities in UAE. Government has set standards for the quality of vehicles that runs on roads, by performing rigorous testing on every vehicle that has passed 3 years from purchase.

We recently went through the process of renewing our car registration, and thought to share our experience and procedures that would make your renewal easier.

We preferred vehicle inspection center –AD Muroor (near Mushrif mall) since we live in the Abu-Dhabi Island. Click here to find the location near to you . A strong suggestion from my part is to take your vehicle to a manual wash(ADNOC Autoserv is nearby). We suggest a manual wash over auto wash since in a manual wash the car is lifted and cleaned thoroughly which is important as your car would be lifted similarly during the test for checking suspension and other faults.

Now to the procedure

Bring the car to the queue at inspection center bay. (Inspection center is working 24 hours from Sunday to Thursday).While in the queue a senior technician would approach you and you need to say that you are there for renewing registration. Pay AED 120 and give him your registration card. He generates a bill through machine and hands over the same to you. Now you have to leave the car and proceed to the waiting area so that your car can be tested by professionals. The waiting area is glassed and you can see your car being tested for emission, breaks, suspension etc through the bay. Once  the car reaches the other side of the bay it means that all the tests are completed and the results are entered on the system by the professional. The car gets parked by the technician. It will be a good idea to have a look where the car is parked. We recommend to go to your car and to get your keys in your hand for your own safety.

Now get back to the waiting area (result center) where you will have to show your bill that you paid earlier. The person in charge will print the results and would hand over the hard copy to you. All you need to see is a “PASSED” written on the bottom of the paper. Else you will need to read through the error mentioned and get it corrected within a month to repeat the car testing by paying AED 50.

Now, assuming you passed the test the next step is insurance. Now there are 2 options for this, if you are sure that your car will pass the test anyhow, then you may take the insurance of your preference ahead with the date of the test. Else proceed to the insurance company that is present within the facility.

Now you are ready to renew your registration. Proceed to the Kiosk machine where you will need to insert your emirates ID and proceed with the touch screen for registration renewal. You will be asked to insert your credit card to pay for 105 AED fee. Wait for 2-3 minutes and your new registration card will be printed and collectable from the box below also don’t forget your new sticker too that mentions the expiry month of the new card which have to be glued to your number plate (back).

Have a look at our video below for more details “Seeing is believing”