The blazing sun in UAE especially in summers is the worst enemy of every common man. Most of us would turn to Indoor games or would prefer to be in a fully air-conditioned mall at these times.  If you had to commute in cars you would know how it feels to get into a car which was parked outside in the sun for a while. We do all the routine circus of opening windows/ doors, switching on the air condition even before starting, switching to full fan speed, putting our noses right in front of the A.C vent and many more.

To help with this situation, we recently found a easy and simple solution. TINT your car windows . Now before you doing , it is necessary to know the UAE law pertaining to car tinting. In UAE the maximum amount of darkness permissible is 30% visual light transmission (VLT). VLT is the unit of measure for the amount of light that transmits through a window, thus a minimum of 30% of light should come through.

One more factor to consider would be the heat rejection capacity or effectiveness in blocking heat radiation. This depends on the brands and cost of the products. Cheap products will have much lesser heat rejection and thus will not help much in keeping your car cool.

We recently did our tinting on our ford edge from MIDICO-solar shield from their branch in Oasis centre -sheikh zayed road, basement 1, parking C04, C05. On the left hand side of the mall entry we met Ms. Irin who explained their different products. We chose Onyx 35 which has a 5 year warranty with 30 %VLT and 49 % heat rejection in a cost of 900AED. It’s been a week since installation and we are satisfied with the product. Our car is much cooler no worries if we have parked it outside in the sun for long. Though the technician who did the job was unfriendly and difficult to smile attitude, he did his job.

Have a look at the video below to know more on their product range.