2 days back i have done my Skin analysis from Herbal Essential Kisok at Mercato Mall , Jumeriah , It’s been a long time i have done my Skin Analysis ,the valuable information i got from Starmelly( a very friendly person can ask any doubt ,she is ready to answer you)is truly informative on areas like acne, pores , sensitivity , wrinkle ,hydration , melanin and so on , it was a very quick professional testing  hardly takes 5 to 10 min for the overall Skin analysis , i was surprised to see the results as my skin is highly dehydrated  , i need to drink plenty of fluids to make it hydrated ,[fact :-i am very lazy fluid in-taker ] ,and also advised me to use Sunscreen twice when i go out to avoid discoloration of the skin in the future.

Now when ever i go out this handy Sunscreen oil with SPF 30 which i got from Herbal Essential is always in my bag ,what i love about the Sunscreen oil is  ,

  • easy to apply .
  • makes my skin hydrated .
  • non -greasy.
  • no white marks.
  • can be used for face and body.
  • easy to carry
  • suitable for all skin types

It’s the first time i am using sunscreen OIL and feels very comfortable using it rather than cream which is very sticky and makes your skin heavy,  i am happy that i have finally got a sun screen OIL which i love to use again and again ,

This sunscreen oil available on SPF 30 & 50 , and you can also get Sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 and wide variety of other skin care products for healthy and radiant skin ,all Herbal Essential products made are cruelty free and  using natural ingredients with the principles of ‘Ayurveda’ .

After being a mom , i am very poor in taking care of myself and finding my ‘ME’ time , if you get time do visit the Kisok and get valuable information and tips to stay healthy and radiant.Remember to drink plenty of fluids to make your skin hydrated , its the Thumb rule.