03898                                            A dye hard fan of Lush -vegetarian,hand made cosmetics for  long time .I was so happy when they opened the store at Abudhabi , Dalma Mall ,so i can travel easily and get my favorite products.The magical fragrance of each and every product from Lush has always made me an addictive fan of Lush , now not just me even my family especially my little boy of 3 years Loves Lush bath.

Recently i have tried their bath-bomb ,Lord of misrule which is inspired by the Ruler of  Pagan Feast of Fools .This popper has a light green outer with slight pink and yellow spots enriched with the rich aroma of patchouli and black pepper oil with inner purple in color and tiny pop rocks .As it slowly froth on the water the exterior green color dissolves and gave way to rich wine red color to fill your tub with great smell, a true magical treat for your eyes and nose .

I haven’t used this patchouli fragrance before , but once i smelled it, the fragrance is more than pleasing , such a very nice fragrance ,not over -powering at the same time not so light, loved it by all means . The smell remains on the skin for long time after the bath and your entire bathroom also be filled with this pleasing aroma over 2-3 days. Once i take the lush bath i love to enter the bathroom many times for getting this wonderful smell .:p

As a matter of cost cut i cut this luxury bath bomb  into two pieces , so we can take 2 bath per bath bomb and also just one half piece is more enough to make my tub filled with wine red color enriched with aroma .

If you haven’t tried it, try it once and no doubt you will fall for it .

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