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Today we talk about Perfumes, when choosing perfumes i consider only 2 things – how refreshing the smell is and how long does it last. I am a kind of person who doesn’t like strong smell , i normally go for perfumes with mild smell at the same time it should last for longer time .This is what i love and this what i got from my newly discovered Perfume brand Impulse Perfume and made me to write about this .One more thing i love about this is , we can wear it according to our Mood ; seems interesting rite :)yeah..very true guys …i will come back to this point ..

If you have not heard about Impulse Perfume ,let me tell you a bit of it .Since 1972,Impulse has been the must have accessory of alluring women in Europe, and then moved to Australia , America and now to UAE with 5 of its irresistible variants , all Impulse products are dermatological tested.

I have got 5 bottles, 75 ml Impulse Perfume of 

  • Romantic Spark -Violet and white wood.
  • Tease -Red fruits &woods
  • Temptations -Peachy fruitiness with floral vanilla
  • True Love -Freesia and Tangerine
  • Hint of Musk -Lime and Sandalwood 

As mentioned before ,You can create your own atmosphere for the day by choosing the rite Impulse perfume .Take the thrilling mix of wild violets and white wood in Romantic Spark.Or the flirty fusion of woods and red fruits in Tease or  True Love’s medley of freesia and tangerine is uplifting and optimistic. While the sweet and sexy lime and sandalwood in Hint of Musk create an appealingly feminine aura. And Temptation’s lovable vanilla and peach concoction really makes you smile divine.So you can choose your Impulse depends on what mood you are .In simple you can choose what your cup of tea is .img_20170104_150531


Well this perfume is not a deodorant or antiperspirant, it’s a body perfume which keeps you fresh with its mild ,refreshing smell and its slim design makes it very compact to carry in our bags with the easy twisted caps (no need to worry about lids).I am glad that i have discovered a perfume of my taste and it has reserved a permanent place in my bag 🙂 3.jpg

Tip : If you want your Impulse smell lasts longer ,take some Vaseline rub it over pulse area and spray your Impulse and enjoy the long lasting freshness. 

Hope you enjoy reading my post. 

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