In a world of toxins , am I crazy if I say I want to give non-toxic products to my family, especially to my child !!!! ???? Something natural , something that doesn’t harm my child’s health, but in a world of diverse choices and multiple advertisements claiming their products are the best , it’s tough for normal people like us to make a choice !!!

At this point I came to know about Non-Toxic-Source; a Dubai based company dedicated to importing and distributing natural, safe, eco-friendly and toxin-free products to the Middle East .When I researched more on this I found LifeFactory glass products , which they are distributing .

For readers , LifeFactory glass products are well-known for using eco-friendly & healthy materials for their production & manufacturing in US, Mexico & Europe.

Though knowing the fact about glass ,that it is one of the greenest material on the planet,100 % recyclable and safe , yet I know how much we are relying on plastic products in our day-to-day life for it’s convenience, light-weight and price .If we look around our home you can find junks of plastic products especially in the kitchen starting from plates, glasses, baby bottles,storage containers and the count goes on.

Like most of the moms I also favored giving my child in plastic plate/bottle; though deep inside I really want to make a move yet anxious about breakage and heaviness of glass I couldn’t .Praise to LifeFactory products who have overpowered my anxiousness.


Have a look at their site to see yourself how healthy,stylish & colorful their designs are, besides they are using thermal shock resistant glass with silicone sleeve for gripping, and added protection against random droppings. They have multiple family products ranging from Beverage Glasses, Wine Glasses, Baby Bottles, Food Storage Collections, Straw/Flip/Classic Cap Glass Bottles.


I have tried using  few of their products like Baby Bottles, Glass Bottles and Storage Collections. Apart from normal glass products ; this have Silicone Sleeve mesh which is totally free from BPS/BPA and moreover it act as a non slip gripping surface and helps prevent breakage in occasional falling .Even the caps are free from chemicals .So you can have your food/drink in the purest and cleanest taste without worrying about chemicals leaking into the food/drink.

Apart from technicality , being a normal mom what makes me to love this product is  ,it doesn’t give the odor like the normal plastic product does (how much care we give to our plastic it gives a foul odor -top example is ‘baby bottles’, and the liquid you kept in absorbs the odor).


Moreover these are few added things : –

  •  Its light-weight
  • Dishwasher, Oven & Freezer safe
  • Unlike plastic , No worry about BPA/BPS & phthalate leaching in to your liquids/foods.
  • Safe to move from freezer to boiling water without the fear of breakage.
  • Coming in many colors to choose from.
  • Unlike plastic, this glass is one time investment.



So friends, if you want to reduce the plastic exposure in your life I truly recommend you to try this product from  Non_Toxic_Souce Middle East.

You can also find this bottles in Abudhabi from Db Babies , Jones the Grocer , Organic foods & café ,Mawasim .

It won’t be fair if I don’t mention here Elisabeth Stephenson , Managing Director of Non-toxic-source,an inspiring & humble person following her true passion. I hope we could meet up sometime:)

 Walk in healthy & style i.e., all about LifeFactory products.



 Wishing you a healthy lifestyle !!!