Hi friends, Hope you all had an amazing valentine’s day. Today I am going to review about my Palmers Valentine Gifts.

 When Palmers told they will send the gifts, I thought it would be some of my galy products, BUT Palmers just surprised me totally when I received the box ,it has 2 lotions one for me and one for my love .Happy that my brand cares both of us .

These are the 2 lotions :   Cocoa butter lotion for her
                                               Cocoa butter lotion for men


If you have notice you can find the core ingredient of Palmers is COCOA BUTTER , just like many of us even I didn’t know much about Cocoa butter until I am part of Palmers .

Cocoa butter is a vegetable wax extracted from the cocoa beans, a great source of antioxidants which save the skin from signs of ageing. Besides it is also effective in healing purposes like scar, scratches and stretch marks. If you have acne scar / cut  /discoloration try using Cocoa butter product regularly and you can find it gradually becomes lighter or even disappears

Back to the products,

Cocoa Butter for him (with Vitamin E)

It was very thrilling for me to gift a product that cares for his skin , normally I used to give him some gadgets, this was the first time that I gifted him with a Lotion that are exclusively for MEN .He too was really stunned when he saw new gift and was very much excited to try this bottle without the fear of sharing with myself.  🙂


I was observing him for the past few days , I wonder without any skip he used this product all days .I asked him yesterday how he felt  about his new gift he said ‘ You could have gifted me little earlier , gal ; Look on my skin its hydrated , not dry like before ,unlike other creams its absorbs skin easily with no greasy effect  , love the velvety texture and manly fragrance ‘..

Face and body lotion for MEN is effective for dry and rough skin , cocoa butter + vitamin E gives skin greatest protection .A thumbs-up to ‘COCOA BUTTER FOR HIM ‘ from my love.

Cocoa Butter for Her (with Vitamin E) :

I love anything with Cocoa butter , the mild smell is so captivating and so as the texture and benefits.


 I used at every morning ,the consistency just like above is velvety ,this rich lotion absorbs to skin quickly leaving it moisturized  and no sticky feeling at all. The velvety formula helps to lock the moisture and thus skin stay hydrated for long time  leaving my skin smooth , supple and beautiful .

We both love the lotion and carry it with us wherever we go .Try this product friends and feel the difference .Highly recommended products from Palmers .


Note: Rite now we are in the midst of our vacation yet we  did not forget to carry our favorites.


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