Dear Mom,

I hope you all have celebrated Mother’s day well [UAE celebrates-mother’s day on March 21], for me I spent the entire day with my boy, detoxed from media, played with him, went for a walk and finally now had our dinner and he is in-front of his favorite ‘Shaun the Sheep’. This is when I got my ‘Me’ time, so thought to come over here and say a quick hi to all moms.

Normally my post was all about food/products/service. Today I thought I will make a change and I will share some of my personal thoughts/feelings.

I am a working from home woman, was a software engineer before and finally we came up in a decision to resign my job soon after my marriage as both of our work nature was not matching well in terms of leave and time. Then after having a baby I was fully packed up for few years taking care of him later I started blogging and  My online journey ‘myfootprintsinuae’ is going to be 1 year within couple of months.

Many people think ..What a lucky girl I am, when I say ‘working from home’!!  No need to go to office, no worry about timing, no scoldings from boss , getting invites/products ………………..Yes you are rite, I too accept the fact that I don’t have stress on my time, no deadlines, no need to seek permission for taking my child to hospital, no tension about office/ leave/ traffic/ food so many things, however at the same time from my perspective as a working from home mom,I feel I am not able to focus on things I do , When you have family and work around you, the priority goes undeniably for your family and thereby affects your productivity in work.

Most of you might know how much effort we need to put on publishing a blog….. writing,proof reading, taking pics, editing all these job needs time and patience. I am a lady who believes in proper time management. But when work from home, time management is like 1/10, I don’t know what in next moment I have to do ..sometimes I have to run for cooking, washing , going out,  playing with child, teaching so many things will gets in between in an unpredictable order. Especially many days I have to take the role of single parenting due to my husband job nature and it’s not EASY finding time for my things.

I do understand, My boy is just 4 year old and he is about to start his KG-1 this coming April, so for him, at this age he needs me, he wants to talk to me, he wants to play/fight with me.. at the same time I have to think about the commitments in work I have made for that I need to find time.

Initially I struggled a lot in getting the rhythm- to find my balance, I felt like I am ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of none’!!!  Neither can give 100% loyalty to my boy nor to my job.

Then I tried to approach in a different way that I spent time with him on day times and when he sleeps I switch ON my PC …. so far it’s going on fine …Mostly when morning I am drafting fast before he wakes up, almost in the middle I can hear a scream ‘mommaaaaa………’ then I have to stop in middle and starts with his activities.  When I come back to PC afterwards; I myself forgot what I was typing 🙂 

Whilst in the midst of all this chaos, I could still enjoy the beauty and blessings of my motherhood and my job.

Whether your are home-maker/ working from home/  balancing work+home, a huge Applause to you all for maintaining balance and finding harmony in things you do  from cooking,taking care of children and work .

Whatever you do friends, do it with your soul . After-all at the end we need to be happy.
Wishing all of you a Happy Mother’s Day.

Much Love,
Hena Xx