Cafe Mandarina at Al Shahama Abudhabi.

Is there a cafe, where I can have my cup of coffee watching horses in UAE??  YES there is, and I am lucky to have explored this unique place along with my family. I am talking about Cafe Mandarina at Al Shahama Abudhabi. Get your GPS and find the place now.. Yes I know it’s showing a bit out of the city limits, but the experience is just as unique. The cafe is located inside “Mandara equestrian club” where horses are maintained groomed and taken care of.

Though the GPS took us through some small roads, when we reached I was shocked to see all the parking slots filled up. The cafe opens doors to luxurious choosy and comfortable interiors and the dedication to details were clearly evident. The staffs were well English dressed,professional & friendly. The cafe with indoor and outdoor seating opens view to beautiful house riding arena. We could see some young chaps with their riding gears and helmet getting prepared for the ride. It gave me complete peace of mind with beautiful interiors and scenic exteriors.


Though we sat on the ground floor, we made our way to the roof terrace to explore the restaurant after placing our order. The upstairs was filled with exterior furniture’s with provision for BBQ facility set up. Enjoying sheesha from up here will be the best sheesha experience I believe (though I am not experienced in this department)

Do not want to read ? then watch a short video to see it for yourself

In between we had a wonderful opportunity to meet the owner; lovely lady behind this, the way she gives attention to each and every minute details is highly appreciable. You are a dedicated, inspirational person; I wish I could be like you when at any point of time I run a business(hopefully).


Now to get on with the food department.. we started with the drinks Carrot & Orange juice (22 dhs), Mandarina’s Mocktail with pineapple,apple, lime and mint (28 dhs) my favorite, and strawberry blast (28 dhs)  these delicious drinks with complimentary bread basket and  dips gave way to start our incredible meal 🙂 


From Salad we choose : 1001 Flavours (Aed 43),  this healthy salad truly justified it’s name by holding full of bold flavors and tantalizing aroma gave a new dimension to the salad. Plate of couscous, chicken,rocket,beetroot, orange,nuts and dried raisin, the sweet and tangy  flavors burst in my mouth and I had a symphony.


All portions were coming in ample amounts and I loved the way each dish was presented, they always tried to create their signature in all dish and I should say they almost nailed in it.
For my little we had nuggets, this is no doubt the best nuggets we have tasted so far, happy to see my picky eater finished his plate in no time, and these are air fried nuggets too so no worry of excess oil intake 🙂 


Starters : Firey Shrimps Aed 39,  not every chef can give the proper cooked shrimps, I had many experience of trying over/under cooked shrimps, here it is to the point, shrimps were deliciously cooked with the combination of light-mayo garlic hot sauce was truly meeting our expectation.


Mains : Salmon Fillet (Aed 85), sublimely tasty cooked fish on a bed of capsicum and tomato relish along with mashed potato was a fabulous plate for sea food lovers.


Lamb Signature (Aed 85), our final savoury course was a neat classic presentation, blew our mind with its tempting aroma. The  slow braised lamb was extremely flavorsome and tender along the bites of carrots, roasted nuts ,pomegranate seeds and side with mashed potato was a show stopper.


Dessert : Mandarinas Trifle (Aed 26), layers of cake, fruit salad,yogurt,whipped cream, almond, it was good to have something sweet after our heavy meal, though it had nothing to be praised.


Molten Cake (Aed 30) with ooey-gooey center served served with  ice-cream was scrumptious and we just polished the plate in no time 🙂 


We conclude with royal Moroccan tea (Aed 22) to balance all our food 🙂


Thanks Cafe Mandrina for giving us a memorable experience, no doubt friends it’s a perfect venue for family/friends/date.  

No doubt we will coming back again to explore more especially the horse ride:) 

Food : 4.5/5
Ambiance : 4.7/5
Service : 4.6/5
Value of Money : 4.2/5