On our last Dubai visit, we made pit stop at Last Exit for our break, of the numerousย food truck on the plot this time the lotto goes to Kababu, the Iraqi food truck, and this is the first Iraqi food truck in the world..woww.. so amazed to had our food from the first truck ๐Ÿ™‚

It was almost 5 in theย evening then, the place was over crowded, we hardly got a seat nearby Kababu, and started looking out the menu. I am familiar only with Falafelย on menu and rest all items were new to me, so with the help of Emro, I started placing orders.

Have a look at the short video

Here’s our food from Kababu ,


We started with Bagilla Fava Beans (Aed 19) & Lablabi Chickpeas ย (Aed 19), it was good for a try but there was nothingย extra-ordinary.


This is my favorite section from Kababu, Appetizers

Kubbat Halab, one of the popular Iraqi delight;ย rice dough stuffed with meat and herbs, crunchy on the outside and tender on inside. Give this a try. Potato Kubba, same like Kubbatย the only difference is instead of rice here mashed potato filling.
Kubbat Burghul , my personal favorite of the menu ย stuffed meat,raisin and almond in Bulgur dough.

Boureg Cheese, yet another Iraqi delight worth trying from Iraqi food family- pastry stuffed with cheese,and Boureg Meat, pastry stuffed with meat and herbs.



Drinks :

Laban Arbil (yogurt drink) one of the signature Iraqi dish better go with the Iraqi food- Aed 15

Sherbat zebib ( Raisin, syrup ย juice) this is my preferred choiceย -Aed 15




Falafel (Aed 24) -who doesn’t like Falafel, this is one of the must dish to try from Iraqi cuisine, taste was spot on though I wished if they had some dipping sauce as well for an extra cheer.

Kababu Special (Aed 29)

minced meat with onion ,grilled tomato, sumac and basil, this dish hadย clearly proved it is their signature dish with all balanced flavors.


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