Caffe di Artisan– Luxury Coffee without Coffee Maker

Had your coffee??? I just done with my big cup of cappuccino 🙂 . A morning without coffee for me is like “hornbill waiting for rain in the drought”. Oh friends, that is my secret of morning freshness 😉 I need a cup of coffee; at-least one..if you can get some in between or in regular intervals I would be more happy 🙂

I particularly love home made coffee, because most coffee machines gives me over-powered, less-powered, burnt coffee….it’s tough to get a deliciously flavored coffee. How about for you ???

Lately, I got a box from Caffe di Artisan to try , the box consists of 10 single liquid shot pods in 3 flavors along with a frothing tool, claiming to prepare cappuccino, latte, espresso at home without the need of coffee maker, (cappuccino without a maker)  I was freaking excited to try the box.



About : Caffe di Artisan, was born out of rebellionAn Italian rebellion born against machine-extracted single serve coffees, A rebellion against over-priced, poor quality espressos served by the big chains, a  rebellion against burnt, bitter, over-extracted coffee made by machines.

Claims : The process, right from the selection of the water that goes into our coffee, the beans, the roasting, the grinding, and finally, the distillation of divine single-shot liquid coffee, through our micro-filtery, is artisanal. We select only the finest  coffee beans for perfect acidity and flavour, which are then roasted to our specifications by our master coffee roasters.

These are the flavors which I received

Raro – South American Single Origin Arabica with Mild Intensity.
Asmara –   This Ethiopian Sidamo Single Origin is grown at a height of 4,500ft – 7,200ft with Medium Intensity.
Vilasita – The Indian Single Origin, shade grown, with Strong Intensity.

Have you ever imagine making a frothy luxurious authentic coffee at home without the need of expensive coffee machine ???☕️ ☕️ ☕️ I don't have a coffee maker at home and never thought it is possible until yesterday. Just open the single liquid shot pod froth it add the desired quantity of frothy milk…viola….that's it..your foamy coffee from @caffediartisan is ready in just 60 sec,😀😀 it's a very easy and convenient way of making delicious cup of royal coffees in no matter of time and that too in minimal rate. 😋😋 Now I am so happy I can enjoy lattes, cappuccino, espresso at any time of the day with brilliant balanced taste without going to the coffee shop😎😎..yayyyyyy..Reviews will be coming soon

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How to Prepare ?

Open the pod based on the flavor you need, pour into a glass, froth it for 10 sec, then add hot milk, again froth for 30 sec, and that’s it royal frothy deliciously flavored coffee is ready within 1 min without the need of expensive coffee maker. I am so glad that I can have my cup of luxury coffee at anytime of the day without tearing my pocket 😉 Each flavor is unique its own way however my favorite one is Asmara.

I know majority of you now might think the price, “it should be costly!!!” and here is the surprising fact that you can get this in a very affordable rate (between 20-30 Aed) per box .

Note : Caffe di Artisan will deliver the product to your office/home with free of charge.
            You get 10th box free when you order all 9 boxes within 90 days.
            By freezing you can can store the pods for 3 years, just keep it in lower shelves of fridge before making for 2-3 hrs, [ need an easy hack 😉 microwave for 10 sec]

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