Many restaurants claimed to be ‘FAMOUS’, however FAMOUS DAVE truly justified to its name, they are FAMOUS, with the rustic interiors, with quality fresh meat absolutely no re-heating, with the authentic smoked meat, with the energetic staffs, with the signature sauces, the backyard BBQ yard atmosphere,  and the most award winning restaurant in America… they are UNIQUE and Famous Dave is Famous.

About Famous Dave , an American restaurant- opened his first BBQ Shack in 1994 in Hayward, Wisconsin. It became wildly popular, serving up to 5,000 people a week in a town of only 1,800. Today, the Original Famous Dave’s is one of the most photographed restaurants in Wisconsin.

With numerous chains within America, Famous Dave made their first stand in UAE, Abudhabi Mall and we got a lovely chance to dine yesterday with my family. Their meats are imported directly from US and smoked daily in a specific smoking machine and the moment we landed till we said Good Bye, we were in America’s backyard BBQ yard.

It’s interesting how they have named their dining ares –The Entrance, The Porch, The Grand Barn, The Outer, The Patio, The Smoker, The Expo..We sat in Patio 😉

What an energy , what a positive vibe they have in store for us..not just the authentic smoked meat they have to offer..If you are sad/depressed, I suggest to visit the store and sit there for sometime and I am sure they will recharge your battery. Thanks to Dheeraj, Mylene for making  us so comfortable and joyful .


We started to dig deep into the menu. With assortment of menu options we thought we will focus on Easter options. So yesterday was all about Easter ‘Smoked Turkey special‘ 

This is how we started, with the complimentary chips accompanied with Famous Dave signature sauces….Each sauce has its signature bold level of flavors and we took the brave challenge to try the ‘Dave’s Revenge’ sauce too, the most hottest sauce they have to offer.The chips are really crunchy and perfect with all sauces …..


Followed by huge Passion fruit and Lime & Mint Margarita ( Aed 24 for each ).. its extra large and yummyyyyyy… perfect to beat summer heat .One thing I am fond of here is their portions are massive.

We then tried the Smoked Turkey salad (Aed 47) crunchy veggies with lots of fruits,nuts ,bread crumbs and turkey bites in between..wowww..a healthy salad ..loved each bite of it ….. 


Then came in another huge Turkey platter (Aed 65) with mashed potato and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese macaroni (fully loaded with cheesee best for your kids), the smoked turkey topped with sweet and savory seasonings with honey butter glaze is just mind-blowing.


We had Turkey Tips ( Aed 35 ), yet another shareable platter on the menu, these smoked turkey comes in cubes splashed with sweet savor sauce, fiery pickles and onion fries were an absolute delight for turkey fans , instead of turkey the same platter is available in brisket, we got to try that as well.. i loved the brisket than turkey as it melts in mouth with all fat contents in seconds 🙂


How can we came back without trying the royal ribs from a BBQ house, we tried small portions of ribs, it was nicely smoked and meats were succulent and were falling off from the bone so easily however stomach were so full and we had to stop it for our Dessert.


We ended our meal with Dessert, Pecan Pie (Aed 50 ) what a toothsome heaven it was ..worth worth worth drooling for each bite, do try when you visit there .

I am so sorry about the picture, it was so tempting that I forgot click guys 😉

Do keep in mind that Easter menu is available for limited period and also you can take away sauce of your choice for totally free before it gets over .Hurry up and grab it.

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