I love my food journeys, for me its always pleasure to try new taste, new ingredients and new flavors..it feeds my soul… last time with my family I got a chance to try Filipino food at Max Restaurant, Abudhabi. Click here for video review.

About : Max is a Filipino family restaurant started in the year 1945, Over the years, Max’s Restaurant’s popularity grew and it became known as “the house that fried chicken built.” It has expanded in Metro Manila, Southern and Northern Luzon, Cebu, and to California and other places in the United States. It has also expanded to Canada. It will soon open restaurants in other countries as well.

Located on the ‘M’ floor of Corniche Residency Abudhabi, the entire floor is owned by MAX, we went there on a weekday and was surprised to see the merry crowd. Each nook and corner you can find a positive vibe with very energetic staff, ample space in their party halls along with kids area.

by looking at the menu, I was wondered, seeing the menu options they had in store.. diverse no; of choices as all these Filipino food are in someway derived inspirations from Mexico and Asian. In total, I lost the reluctance of trying the new cuisine just after a glance at the menu.. it looked known to me in someway.

We were greeted by the restaurant manager “Gilroy”, who clearly explained us the story and passion about the legendary Max restaurant and as per his advice, these are the items we picked from the menu.

We started our night with awakening Muddled Pineapple Mojito with Mint topped and soda Aed 16.


STARTERS, we had Max’s Appetizer Platter ( Aed 32), its a combined platter of Calamares, Lumpiang Shanghai, Chicken Wings and Fresh Lumpiang Ubod, the taste of Calamares and Lumpiang Shanghai were unbeatable, its good we get a chance to try  different food than concentrating on one dish in Appetizer section.

From Chicken we had Max signature Fried Chicken, this is one of the signature dish of Max starting from 1945 and they still following the recipe without any change, you can get the portion in half and full size Aed(46 F/26 H). Pictured here is half size portion.


Rice and Noodles – ordered Pancit Luglug (Aed 29), another sharing platter from the menu, rice noodles cooked in shrimp and annatto sauce with veg crackling topped with sliced boiled egg, shrimps, fried garlic, spring onion and lemon wedges.


Crabmeat Fried Rice Aed 21, its another good sharing portion cooked rice with veggies, crab meat, scrambled egg and all, unfortunately this didn’t find a space in my heart.


Moved on to Grills, we had Inihaw Na Baka (Aed 47), for beef lovers its a recommended dish marinated in 24 hrs this BBQ beef ribs with chilli soy dip is must try from here.


Boneless BBQ Chicken, this also you can try in full & half portions (Aed 49 F/ 27 H) with the fancy presentation on skewers will win our heart, served with rice perfect to feed 3-4 persons, for full you get 4 skewers and for half 2 skewers.


Coming to the most exciting dish, Dessert, this time the show stopper here is Dessert Mix Platter (Aed 29) delectable dessert choice of various items in shot glass from brownie, coffee jelly, leche flan, strawberry jelly, buko pandan, ube creme decadence..


Friends, if you wish to try Philippines food do come over here and try you won’t be disappointed.

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