Normally my son (4 yrs) hate going to restaurants, may be the fact that me and hubby gets totally indulged with food and pics, and he usually gets bored with his cartoons/crayons…. so routinely we had a tough time convincing him sitting for a while.

Few days back Bloomsburys has organised a mother’s day event in Y tower-Abudhabi, we were there with my son knowing the fact he would get pissed off after sometime ;). haahhaa…..(mammas knows well 😉 ) It was around 11 AM and met few lovely moms, children’s along with Bloomsburys social media team.

 Here I have an edge that, My kiddie loves cake. So I know he will spare some time happily there. Typically we order all sweets/cakes from Bloomsburys, for any sort of functions and they have always kept our expectations and sometimes beyond. This time we tried their  afternoon tea nibbles and cupcake ( he loves oreo and so we picked oreo cupcake ). When we were done, I thought we could leave without making his face red again 😉


At that moment, Bloomsburys team informed,they had some surprise for these tiny tots, so I was curious to know what would it be all about ??..however what happened was really interesting the chef came with the piping bag in multi pastels, tray of cupcakes and so many tiny cute decorative stuffs ….We were like OMG, they started giving the aprons to the little munchkins and asked to take cupcake flavor of their choice and go on with creativity.


Though my little guy initially didn’t had much idea of what was happening around and slowly (after observing everyone 😉 ) he took a red velvet cupcake along with other little guys, applied frosting cream with the support of chefs and then they had fun decorating with their little minds and cute hands (it was funny watching him gulping M&M in between his creativity) , and have to say the chefs were really helpful and encouraging the best to make these little cuties comfortable and to think out of their box.


My guy finally decorated 3 cupcakes and he was like he owned the entire world, he really doesn’t want to come out of their shop and was telling us over and over that ‘I will be coming tom to decorate the rest of the cake’ hahah..its the first time I have seen him comfortable to be in a cafe and as a mom, I truly enjoyed seeing my little chef happiness and winsome decorations.


Thanks Bloomsburys team for making our mothers day extra special with these kind of interesting activities.

I am really looking forward to explore more kids friendly places in UAE.

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